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ZIMEX AVIATION with its headquarters near Zurich-Airport, Switzerland and operation mainly in Europe, North Africa, the Middle and Far East, providing utility and cargo aviation services to oil companies, humanitarian agencies and non-governmental organizations since 1969 and since 2016 the European express cargo feeding market, is accepting applications for Commanders and First Officers.


Express Cargo Aviation

Zimex is hiring!




  • EASA Medical
  • Valid ATR type rating
  • Minimum 3000h total flight time
  • Minimum 1000h on ATR 42/72
  • English Minimum ICAO Level 4




  • EASA Licence
  • EASA Medical
  • Valid ATR type rating
  • Minimum 500h on ATR
  • English Minimum ICAO Level 4


Please send your CV to the following email address:


Work conditions:
Crew rotations are generally 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off except in the operations for some petroleum companies where rotations are 4x4. Flexibility is expected in regards to rotation timing when operational conditions require changes.

The company covers the travel costs from the home airport to the place of work and back, including food and accommodation at the place of work.The company organizes all locally required paperwork for local operation work permit and Visa.

The company provides full EASA OPS and FCL training at company cost for employed pilots.

Qualification and Experience:
Zimex vacancies are open to both female and male candidates. All members of the international community are invited to apply.

Good Knowledge of English (ICAO Level 4 minimum). Preferably a second European language or Arabic is a plus.
Remote area and desert experience operating from remote airstrips is a distinct advantage.

Essential Qualifications:
Must hold a current (European) EASA-FCL ATPL or EASA-FCL CPL issued by approved EASA-member state with valid instrument rating (IR) and class type rating for the aircraft position desired. For multi-engine aircraft, EASA-MCC and frozen EASA-ATPL (A) are required.

ICAO issued license holders with PIC time on type are also invited to apply.

Essential Medical Certificate:
Current EASA-FCL class 1 medical or ability to achieve such. 

The following experience requirements apply. Zimex reserves the right to adjust these requirements as necessary to meet customer demands. 


Type                Tailwheel Time on Type PIC on Type Turbine Time Turbine PIC Total PIC Total Time
PC6T 400 150 150 300 150 1000 1500



Type Position Time on Type* PIC on Type Turbine Time Turbine PIC Total PIC ME Total PIC Total ME Total Time
DHC6 PIC 250 100 500 150 1200 1500   3000
  F/O 50   50     150 250 500


PIC 250 100 500 150 2000 2500   4000
  F/O 50   50    100 150 500 1000

*Time on similar type may be credited

If you are interested in working with us and fulfil our stated qualifications and experience, please click on the APPLY NOW button below to submit your application. Please note that applications by email will not be considered.