A first step towards carbon-neutral air transportation

Last week Zimex operated multiple flight legs with one of the highest blends of so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) that has been used in commercial operation to date. The flights operated with the SAF blend covered the Swedish domestic postal network. Swedish regulations limit the SAF blend to a maximum of 40 percent; hence the flights were conducted with a 39 percent blend of SAF which was directly delivered by the manufacturer NESTE. The SAF is produced mainly from waste and residual raw materials. In its pure form and over its entire life cycle, the usage can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil fuel.

Photo Credit: Magnus Glans

The flights were operated on Zimex’s regular schedule with full cargo volume. In addition to the cockpit crew a dedicated engineer was supervising the aircraft systems and took multiple parameter records during the flight phases to evaluate the performance. The entire operation went smoothly and contributed with a 34.5 percent of total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction compared to using conventional jet fuel. Or in other terms the operations contributed 5.25 tons of CO2 savings.

Postnord’s long-term goal is to be fossil fuel free by 2030 and to contribute to sustainable development in line with Sweden’s ambitions. We at Zimex are committed to support our partner to achieve this ambitious goal by testing and evaluating the various options for safe, reliable, and sustainable air operation.

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