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Zimex Aviation has a variety of component repair and overhaul capabilities:

  • DHC6 Seats
  • DHC6 Trim Screw Jacks
  • DHC6 Flap Actuator & Selector Valves
  • DHC6 Accumulators & Hydraulic Pumps
  • DHC6 Steering Actuator
  • DHC6 Main & Nose Landing Gears
  • PC6 Main & Tail Landing Gears
  • Wheels & Brakes
  • Composite Repairs
  • DHC6 Doors
  • PC6 and DHC6 Wings & Flight Controls
  • PT6A-27/-34 Hot Section Modules


These activities are also performed in co-operation with specialized and authorized suppliers and service providers

Please refer to Zimex capability list for details

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