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Zimex provides training to its own flight crew and instructors and offers a variety of training solutions to other operators.


Solutions for our flight crew:

  • A constructive and trainee-centred training system.
  • A sound trainer's standardization program.
  • A training and checking system that integrates Technical and Non-technical trainee performance. 
  • A competency and evidence based training.
  • An EASA ATO (Approved Training Organization) that offers EASA class and type ratings, EASA license conversions or instructor ratings.
  • Assistance to obtain/revalidate class and type ratings under any other ICAO national license regulatory requirement.


Solutions for operators:

  • A “full package” fleet (DHC6, PC6T, B190, ATR72)  training implementation plan.
  • Training manuals and pilot training (EASA or others).
  • Standardization and training of your instructors/examiners.
  • Operation manuals and syllabus.
  • Assistance in your aviation authority’s training approval process
  • Assistance to meet OGP/BARS training requirements
  • Change your flight crew safety behaviour through a constructive training system.