Utility Aviation

Environment, infrastructure and culture

The founding concept was simple and is still valid today: “Deliver on the air transportation needs and requirements of the individual customer, provide worldwide reliable, safe and cost-efficient services – anywhere.”

We tailor our solutions to solve our clients problems

Reliable. Safe. Sustainable

Delivering special-missions support with aircraft capable of short take-off and landing from unpaved airstrips in extremely remote areas.

Every single operation is supported 24 hours a day from Switzerland


Working under tough and challenging conditions, providing safe and reliable transport of passengers, cargo, equipment, medical evacuation, search and rescue missions as well as surveillance and mapping. Our experienced crews thrive under the challenges of highly specialized operations

We understand the environment, infrastructure and culture

Adapted and distinguished

Insecure, instable and conflict affected areas with little infrastructure – Zimex builds and maintains flawless flight operations virtually anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Experienced Float and Amphibious Aircraft Operator


Since 2017 Zimex has been an EASA approved operator of float and amphibious aircraft. Floatplanes can serve as vital lifelines to remote communities as their only source of food, water and two-way transportation.



Peacekeeping Military

Oil & Gas





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